2017 Thomas W. Melham Humanitarian Award Recipient

Imperial Sir John A. Cinotto, P.P. 2001

Past Imperial Potentate - Shriners International - 2014

Murat Shrine Temple - Indianapolis, Indiana

John A. Cinotto of Westfield, Ind., was elected Imperial Potentate, part of the 13-member body that helps govern the Shriners fraternity, during the Shriners’ 2013 Imperial Session – held in Indianapolis June 30-July 4. As Imperial Potentate, Cinotto serves as president of the Board of Directors of Shriners International, as well as chairman of the Board of Directors of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Cinotto was raised a Master Mason at Pentalpha Lodge #564. He is a member of the York Rite and in 2000 was honored with the 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite. Cinotto became a member of the Indianapolis Murat Shriners in 1981 and served on the temple’s Divan for 10 years. In 2001, Cinotto served as the temple’s Potentate.

Cinotto has held numerous temple offices, including president of the Reception Unit, Chairman of House and Grounds, Chairman of the Indy 500, and Circus Chairman. As an Imperial Officer, Cinotto has served as Chairman of Special Purpose and Fundraising Committee, Chairman of Donor Relations, and Chairman of Public Relations. Cinotto has also served as member of the Buildings and Equipment committee for 10 years, Salary, Personnel and Retirement, Special Task for Hospital Reorganization, and the Future Committee of Shriners International. In the Shrine Circus and Fundraising Association (SCAFRA), Cinotto held offices of both president and secretary.

Cinotto was founder of Teocalli #500 Indianapolis and served as its Camaxtli in both 1997 and 1998. He is also a Past Chief Supreme Tlaloc in the Order of Quetzalcoatl and received the Order of Knights, Eagles and Tigers award in 1998. Cinotto has been awarded the DeMolay Legion of Honor and served on the DeMolay Foundation in Indiana. In 2013, Cinotto was honored by the International Legions of Honor with the Distinguished Service Award.

Cinotto served in the U.S. Army as member of the Cold Weather Training Force stationed in Ft. Greely, Alaska, and received Honorable Discharge as a Sergeant E6. Cinotto has been in the construction business for 46 years as an acoustical consultant and manufacturer’s representative. He is the owner of CDS of Indiana, an acoustical company. He is a past director and board member of the Interior Construction Association of North America and a past member and director of the Construction Specification Institute. Cinotto attended Joliet Junior College and Lewis College, majoring in Business Management and Accounting.

In his community, Cinotto served as president of the Nora Little League. He was also on the Mayor’s Committee on Renovation of the Murat Theater. An Eagle Scout with three Palms and an Explorer Silver Award, he was glad to serve as neighborhood commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America.

When he’s not performing his Masonic or community duties, Cinotto can be found horseback riding or saltwater fishing. Cinotto was widowed after the passing of his wife, Margaret. their marriage lasted over 30 years. He has three children, Jeff, Deana and Greg, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.